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The RTMA offers subsidized Mastercam Training. We implemented this program with OptiPro, who is a certified reseller and training facility for Mastercam.

OptiPro has agreed to reduce their standard pricing by 25% for participating RTMA Members.  The RTMA will then subsidize half of the remaining cost up to a cap of $1,000 per company, and the participating company will contribute the other half.

For example, if a course is normally $1,000, it would be reduced 25% by OptiPro for the RTMA.  It now becomes a cost of $750.  The RTMA would pay $375 (half), and the member’s cost would be $375 (the other half).  The benefit is that the member is receiving a $1,000 course for $375.

The RTMA will pay half of the course costs up to $1,000 cap per company, not per student.  Any overage is the responsibility of the RTMA Member.

New Through June 2022 – Use WDI Grant Funding for Mastercam Classes

Thanks to a grant through the Workforce Development Institute, apprentices and employees can receive up to $500 in funds per class.

Those taking Mill Beginner and Mill 3D training can receive $500; while those in Multi-Axis Milling and Mill Turn training can receive $350; and those in Lathe training can receive $300.

For more information regarding how you can utilize the WDI Grant funding, contact Rich Turner at the RTMA.

Rich Turner

If interested in taking Mastercam classes, contact Lynda Bechtold at OptiPro Systems.

Lynda Bechtold
OptiPro Systems


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