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Additional Benefits

Digital Marketing

webSURGE works with tech and manufacturing companies to provide quality skilled labor candidates quickly and affordably. They also work with advanced manufacturing to develop and execute digital marketing strategies to assist sales teams in converting leads into customers.

RTMA Private Health Insurance Exchange

The RTMA is partnering with Brown and Brown Insurance to provide all members with competitive rates for NYS Disability, Dental, and Vision Care. For members with greater than 100 employees, it also provides competitive rates for health insurance coverage through the RTMA Private Health Insurance Exchange.

Contact Todd Koneski at 585-697-1412 or

Merger, Acquisition, Divestiture and Family Business Transition Advisory Services

Discounted Workers’ Compensation

The Empire State Technology & Manufacturing Workers’ Compensation Program through the Rochester Technology and Manufacturing Association (RTMA) is designed to give members the best-price solutions available to manufacturing companies. This is a fully insured program with typical discounts of 25-30% and possible dividends.
Click here to view Workers’ Compensation Brochure

Staples Advantage

Offers RTMA Members of thousands of items at unbelievably low prices and an additional 2% on all orders over $250.00 placed via Staples link.

  • Discounted Office/Technology Supplies
  • Unbelievably low prices
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Online ordering and control
  • Full Range of Products and Services

Contact Douglas Kellogg, Senior Account Manager at 407-475-4219 or

The RTMA offers subsidized Mastercam Training through OptiPro, a certified reseller and training facility for Mastercam.

OptiPro has agreed to reduce their standard pricing by 25% for participating RTMA Members.  The RTMA will subsidize half of the remaining cost up to a $1,000 max per company (not per student), and the participating company will contribute the other half. Any overage is the responsibility of the RTMA Member.

If interested, contact Lynda Bechtold at OptiPro Systems. 

Lynda Bechtold
OptiPro Systems

Networking Opportunities

Sponsorship Opportunities

Please contact the RTMA Office at 585-510-6557 if interested in taking advantage of any of these opportunities.

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