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CNC Milled Charging Handle for M-16 and M-4 Machine Gun

CNC Milled Charging Handle for M-16 and M-4 Machine Gun
CNC Milled Charging Handle for M-16 and M-4 Machine Gun

Rochester Technology and Manufacturing (RTMA) manufactures, assembles, and delivers a charging handle used in M-16 and M-4 machine guns, for end use in both the military and commercial industry sectors. The customer supplies a print to work from, and we produce the charging handle at our AS9100 approved facility, in quantities of 90,000 annually.

Beginning with an aluminum forging raw material, our first step is a CNC milling process to form and machine with all necessary shapes and features. Next, the pieces undergo a plating process, and after a final assembly step to ready the finished piece for delivery, the charging handles are either warehoused or shipped according to the JIT and Kanban inventory management systems set up with our customers. Each part is produced to a tolerance of ±.002", and our process includes CMM in-process testing and inspection. Please contact Rochester Technology and Manufacturing Association today for more information on our full capabilities.


CNC Milled Charging Handle Specifications:

Product Description
Charging Handle for the M16 & M4 machine gun. PGM is the premier global supplier
for the Charging Handle Assembly. PGM produces 40-50% of the world's supply. 
CNC Milling
Aluminum Forging
In Process Testing
CMM Inspected
Tightest tolerance +/- .0002
Production Volume
90,000 Annually
Industry for Use
Delivery Time
JIT / Kanban
Standards Met
Customer Supplied Print
Product Name
Charging Handle
Quality System