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New Scale Robotics

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Address: 121 Victor Heights Parkway , Victor, NY 14564
Contact:Stefan Friedrich, Product Manager
585-924-4450 x112

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Proud to be an American Manufacturer

Who We Are

New Scale Robotics makes do-it-yourself (DIY) automation tools for small part inspection. Our Q-Span® Workstation Kits combine robotic part handling, measurements using digital calipers and other instruments, and automated data logging. They improve efficiency, capacity, and real-time reporting of quality departments. Based on flexible and teachable collaborative robots, Q-Span Kits are agile solutions that fit into existing workflows. They help quality teams reduce errors, increase throughput, and better utilize skilled labor in small-batch, high-mix manufacturing. Easy to deploy without specialized training, they deliver return on investment (ROI) in less than ten months.

industries served

Aerospace, Appliances, Defense, Electrical/Electronics/IT, Medical Equipment, Optics

service regular members

Tooling and Gaging
Automation/Motion Control
Engineering & Design
Product Design
Special Machines

What We Do

If you are a high-mix manufacturer, you already use a variety of gauging tools and methods, both in-process (on the shop floor) and in the quality lab. Now, what if you could automate the tedious aspects of gauging — handling parts, taking measurements, and recording the data — using your existing gauging tools and processes? You could:
– Boost throughput and productivity
– Improve process control
– Reduce human variability in measurements
– Improve yield… and competitiveness!
We can help you implement a Q-Span® Workstation – a robotic tool that lets you easily automate dimensional gauging in high-mix, small- batch manufacturing.

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