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M-One Advisors, LLC

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Address:6543 41st CT E, Sarasota, Florida 34243
Contact:Thomas N Agnello, Managing Member

Proud to be an American Manufacturer

Who We Are

We are a trusted business advisor who has access to strategic planning tools and partnerships and work in collaboration with your existing advisors (CPA’s, Lawyers, etc.) to create a growth or EXIT plan that ties your personal goals and your business goals together. Part of this process is to act as the “quarterback” who can work with all of your trusted professionals needed to achieve your expansion growth or exit plan.

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Mergers & Acquisitions

What We Do

How Much is Your Business Really Worth?

A challenge we encounter when helping owners through the planning process is that their biggest asset is easily their business, but they don’t have a realistic expectation of what that business is worth. Most of them understand that their company is worth a multiple of their earnings or free cash flow. They may even have a professional appraisal in hand telling them what their business is worth.

The reality is that your business is only worth what someone will pay you, and this amount (the multiple you receive on your earnings) depends on a lot of variables, many of which are out of your control. There are certainly enough imbalances in the world today to cause major financial and economic issues that could negatively impact your ability to sell or monetize your business asset. We become your trusted advisor in the full execution of your exit or growth plans, allowing you to focus on running the business and growing the cashflow, so that you can maximize the investments you have made in your business.

No retainer fees. 100% Success fee, based upon the transaction amount AFTER you close.

If this is your company profile and you wish to update its information, click here to request an update.

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