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ABS Plastic Injection Molded Decorative Covers for Sewer Industry

ABS Plastic Decorative Covers for Sewer Industry
ABS Plastic Decorative Covers for Sewer Industry

A client from the sewage industry based in Bergen, New York recently contracted Rochester Technology and Manufacturing Association to manufacture a series of high gloss, ABS plastic decorative covers used to conceal a pump within a macerating toilet system. Employing an 1,100 ton Sandretto injection molding machine with robot part removal, we were able to mold the part complete while upholding a (±) .005 inch precision tolerance, trimming any flash as needed. Using our advanced heat staking technology, we then placed the molding into a fixture and staked the magnet into this molding.

Based on client supplied prints, each cover was measured 10.25 inches in length, 9.79 inches in width, and 3.60 inches in height. The covers were constructed to be cupola white. To ensure our premium products met precise client supplied specifications, we performed a series of thorough inspections. We examined each product to make sure the color matched the sample provided. We then ensured that there was no short shots, gas traps, or sinks in the show area. We also inspected each part to ensure there were no scuffs and scratches caused by the staking process.

After manufacturing was complete, Rochester Technology and Manufacturing Association packaged and labeled all parts, readying them for delivery. Within a three week turnaround period, Rochester Technology and Manufacturing Association was able to manufacture and deliver a series of ABS plastic toilet pump covers to our client in New York State. Successfully meeting our customer's expectations for quality, we now produce 10,000 covers for this client per year.

ABS Plastic Decorative Covers Specifications:

Product Description
This high gloss decorative cover is used to cover a pump within a Macerating Toilet System. 
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Automated Molding
Heat Staking
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part 
1,100 Ton Sandretto with Robot Part Removal
Overall Part Dimensions 
Length: 10.25"
Width: 9.79"
Height: 3.60" 
Tighest Tolerances
Material Used
AB GP22 Terluran ®
Typical Operations 
Automated Molding
Mold Part Complete
Trim Flash as Needed
Heat Staking
Place Part Into Fixture
Stake Magnet into Molding
Color Must Match Sample
No Sinks in the Show Area
No Short Shots Allowed
No Gas Traps Allowed
Inspect for Scuffs and Scratches from the Staking Process 
Cupola White
High Gloss
257.54 Grams
Estimated Part Weight
1 lb
Industry for Use
Sewage / Effluent
Production Volume
10,000 Per Year
Turn Around Time
3 Weeks (Including 5 Other Parts for Pump Assembly) 
Place into PE Bag and Fold the End Cover
Pack in Boxes and Apply Correct Labels 
12 Parts Per Box
192 Parts Per Skid 
Delivery Location
Bergen, New York
Standards Met
Customer supplied print, 2D CAD Drawing
Product Name
ABS Plastic Decorative Pump Covers